Dangerous Behaviour

Dramatic Training in Dealing with Violence, Suicide, Self-Harm, Psychosis & Trauma


IMPACT delivers unique, original and dramatic courses in the field of Personal Safety and Crisis Mental Health. These courses are designed and delivered by Dr Iain Bourne. The signature course is the dramatic, intensive and widely renowned course "Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour."

The "Fringe Theatre" approach involves "live" critical encounters visually and dramatically performed before the training group allowing for a highly focussed, evocative and collective experience. It also ensures that, rather than the training being lost in a fog of words, participants can see what is being talked about, engage with it directly and determine how the course material stands up to their own personal scrutiny.

Although the training is dramatic, the purpose is to illustrate how good practice can realistically be delivered under the most extenuating of circumstances taking into account all the complications found in practice.

We keep ourselves at the fore-front of current practice in health, social care, housing, education and enforcement. Our aim is to provide participants with the very best information, awareness, guidance, skills and resources - right up to date.

Although there are a number of standardised courses, any of these can be combined, adjusted or adapted to suit your needs. We deliver courses across all professional groups, settings, tasks and circumstances.

Impact News

Suicide – a casual affair?

Some while ago I was delivering a training course on “dangerous behaviour” to a housing association when a man popped his head around the door and enquired as to whether this was the “Ladder Awareness Training.” I have to confess, to my shame, I could not prevent myself from bursting out into laughter. Could there […]


A new “fringe theatre style” workshop by Dr Iain Bourne using drama and narration to explore the world of personality disorders. Full details to follow – in the meantime send an email enquiry to Iain The term “Personality Disorder” has infiltrated common parlance and is often used with great laxity in professional circles to refer […]

Violence in Social Work

Senior people in the Social Work and Social care comment on their own experiences of violence. http://www.communitycare.co.uk/blogs/social-work-blog/2013/08/tackling-violence-against-social-care-staff-i-wish-there-was-a-simple-answer/?cmpid=NLC|SC|SCDDB-20130822

Survey of Violence in Social care 2013

Community Care’s latest investigation into violence in social work and social care http://www.communitycare.co.uk/violence-against-social-care-staff-2013/

Managing Dangerous Psychotic Behaviour – On YouTube

http://youtu.be/ocDOC79ymYM Iain Bourne discusses the principles underpinning Psychosis Containment Skills – or the interactive, face-face professional skills used in responding to immediately dangerous  psychotic behaviour. Features include the relationship between psychosis and violence; dysphoric vs reactive drivers; how to spot whether the psychosis is driving the behaviour; the differential role of hallucinations, delusions and paranoia; […]

Facing Danger in the Helping Professions

Just received a copy and I have to say it’s a great read! Get a copy – available via Amazon or through the Open University Press – recommend it to friends and review it on Amazon.