Below you will find resources supporting your learning on our workshops in relation to:

  • Violence

  • Suicide

  • Self-harm

  • Psychosis

  • Trauma

You can also find links to relevant articles at IMPACT NEWS and the "Critical Mental Health Magazine" - see the link to the right.


The General Aggression Model

The Emotional Brain, Fear & the Amygdala

The Implicit Harvard Association Tests

The Biological Basis of Hallucinations

The Cue-dependent Nature of State-dependent Retrieval

Nicotine Use in Schizophrenia

Fight, Flight Freeze, Faint

Dangerousness and Mental Health

Race, Culture and Mental Health

Dissociation & Violence

Gender and Aggressive Behaviour

Psychopathy and Ant-social Personality Disorder

Preventing Workplace Harrassment & Violence

Violence in the Workplace Policy

The Short-term Management of Disturbed/Violent Behaviour

Talking with Acutely Psychotic People

Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements

Humans have "Super Spidey Sense" for Danger Claim


Suicide, Self-harm & Risk - Royal College of Psychiatrists

Preventing Suicide in England - Government Strategy

Gender Differences in Suicidal Behaviour

Post-crisis Suicide Prevention

Suicide Risk Assessment Guide

Suicide Risk Assessment in Clinical Practice

Working with the Client who is Suicidal

Acceptance Commitment Therapy for Suicidal Clients


Suicide, Self-harm & Risk - Royal College of Psychiatrists