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IMPACT Training and Consultation Ltd

IMPACT Training and Consultation Ltd specialises in providing unique and dramatic training to enable customer-facing staff to respond safely and appropriately to difficult, disturbing, and dangerous behaviour. Led by Dr. Iain Bourne, our training programmes are designed to equip individuals with the skills and confidence needed to effectively manage crisis situations and ensure interpersonal safety. Our company is dedicated to helping organisations and their staff develop the capabilities to handle challenging behavior with professionalism and care.

Dr Iain Bourne's background was initially in adolescent and forensic mental health. After that although the core of his activity was in developing his unique dramatised training style, he became involved in trauma response in the Prison Service, Northern Ireland, Syria, Lebanon and more. Currently, he delivers training to almost every sector of the helping professions. Through this iterative process he has refined a unique, user-friendly, evidence-based and most importantly, effective way of responding to dangerous behaviour.

In 2013 his second book "Facing Danger in the Helping Professions: a skilled approach" outlined his unique approach to dangerous behaviour which underpins his training.

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