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Below you will find information about videos and publications that are relevant and  easy to access.. This page is under development. More detailed current research will be posted in News! as it becomes available.


Dangerous Behaviour Workshops 1

A very short (less than 90 seconds) video illustrating the kinds of behaviour and the range of skills covered in the "Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour" workshops. Click HERE

Dangerous Behaviour Workshops 2

A slightly longer but less dramatic (2.5 minutes) video - covering the course content and options. Click HERE

Does Size Matter?

Many people feel that their lack of size, strength or physical fitness leaves them ill-equipped to deal with dangerous behaviour. In this short video this is explored. Click HERE

Do I need to be calm?

We are often told that we have to be calm to respond effectively to dangerous behaviour - but is this really true, or simply a red herring? This is explored in a short video. Click HERE

Getting it out of your system

When faced with rage many people think it is best to let the person vent and get it out of their system - but is this really true? This is explored in a short video. Click HERE

Gender Matters

Gender is clearly significant when thinking about violence - but what do we know about this and where does it take us. This is explored in a short video. Click HERE

Books & Publications

Facing Danger

This is Iain's 2013 book written to support the Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour workshops. Click HERE for more information.

The Anatomy of Violence

by Adrian Raine (2024). Penguin. A very readable and well research book exploring the relation between violent crime, the brain and genetics.

Thinking Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman's (2012) hugely influential book. Not strictly about violence but relevant because it explores what happens when things happen too fast for us to think.


Malcolm Gladwell's (2006) exploration of snap judgments and the the theory of "thin slicing."

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