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Difficult, Disturbing & Dangerous Behaviour

This is our flagship workshop. For information about other workshops please contact us. The workshop is normally commissioned by organisations for delivery to their own staff at their chosen venue. Occasionally one of these organisations will make places available for individual applicants.

The training is normally delivered face-face over one or two days. There is also an online version delivered via Zoom.

Details of how to book a workshop can be found at Booking

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About the Training

The training is based upon Dr Iain Bourne's book "Facing Danger in the Helping Professions." It is a skills-based programme aimed at enabling staff in social, health and housing settings to respond skilfully, appropriately and effectively to behaviour that can be difficult, disturbing and dangerous.

The focus is on "front-end skills." These are the skills needed to immediately respond to incidents involving dangerous behaviour as they happen.

Dramatised Training

The training, however, is not just about "what to do" but also about how we can manage our own emotional, psychological and physical reactions to behaviour that may place us under significant duress.


For this reason the training is dramatised with critical incidents being re-enacted in front of the training group. Participants don't have to role-play but they do have to reflect on their reactions to the behaviour, their assessment of the behaviour and their response given those reactions.

Dramatised scenarios unfold throughout the workshop each highlighting different issues and different skills. After each scenario participants have an opportunity to discuss with one another their reactions, assessment and response to the behaviour - before Iain explains the theory and practice underpinning the management of that behaviour. This allows participants to critically evaluate the guidance given.

Tailored Training

Each workshop is bespoke so that the material will reflect the way in which participants come in contact with dangerous behaviour and their training needs. The training will be designed and adapted so that it fits precisely with your requirements.


The course can be delivered over one or two days face-face or one day online. The online workshop can also be delivered over two half days. Longer workshops are also possible although it is advisable to start off with a one day workshop as this will help clarify what other training might be necessary.

Group Size

There are no restrictions on group size other than those imposed by the size and layout of the training venue (see Booking). Most training groups consist of between 12 and 30 participants although it has been delivered to groups of over 400. Obviously as the group gets larger, it becomes more of a "show" than an interactive training experience.

Course Content

The content will vary from workshop to workshop according to your needs. Typically a workshop will cover some or all of the following:

  • how to "think fast" and make rapid assessments of highly dynamic and potentially dangerous behaviour

  • how to over-ride the acute stress response (fight-flight-freeze) and feel confident about one's emotional, physical and psychological response to immediate threat

  • understand the different drivers to dangerous behaviour

  • de-escalating skills to contain reactive aggression

  • defusing skills to calm agitated behaviour

  • rapid reaction skills to manage explosive encounters

  • psychosis containment skills to respond effectively to people influenced by hallucinations, delusions and paranoia

  • how to work effectively alongside colleagues

  • how to exert influence in antagonised group settings

  • how to recognise one's own post-incident support needs and provide support to others

  • dynamic risk assessment and risk management when lone -working 

  • workplace safety audits

  • policy and procedure development

Please contact us to discuss what you want from the training. We can set up online meetings with Dr Iain Bourne at no cost to explore all aspects of the training and how it might help your organisation.


The cost is solely based (within the UK) on the training delivered. So the cost is the same whether the training is in Land's End, London, or John o'Groats. There are no extra costs for travel or accommodation or anything else. There cost is the same regardless of the number of participants - indeed we encourage sister organisations to join together and share the costs. If you don't think the training was worth it, just tell us why and we won't charge you.

Face-Face training per day 

Dramatised Training
Tailored Training
Group Size
Coure Content


Dr Iain Bourne

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