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1. Dangerous Behaviour - A New Bite Size Blog

I am constantly surprised, even after all these years, at the kind of advice that proliferates all sectors where staff are involved in having to handle serious levels of interpersonal conflict. How often are we told "to remain calm" when we may be shocked, "not to show fear" when we are terrified, to "shout fire!" when under threat? Advice like this is not helpful and may even be dangerous because it diverts our critical resources towards unachievable goals. It makes us our own worst enemy.

Often on workshops I find myself having to talk faster and faster to get all the information across - exactly at the same time that participants are having to process their own experiences. Inevitably this means that they won't be able to take it all in.

The obvious solution would be for people to buy my book "Facing Danger in the Helping Professions" - but that probably won't happen! So the plan is to go over all the material in bite size chunks so that people can digest the material at their own pace.

Well if I wasn't an old git I'd probably do a podcast or go on Instagram - but I am. So the plan is to start a regular Dangerous Behaviour Blog covering all aspects of responding to imminent interpersonal danger.

Right, I'd better stop now, this won't be bite-size!

Stay safe


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