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Dangerous Behaviour Website - too Scary?

I can imagine showing to a marketing expert and being told "it's too much, it'll put a lot of people off!" ... and I'm sure that they would be absolutely right if my aim was to sell as many products as I could, increase my revenue or generate as many clicks as I can.

I'm sure also that some service providers may look at the website and say we don't want our staff being subjected to that sort of training. That would be fine, of course, if their staff weren't being subjected to, at least the risk of, exactly that same type of behaviour throughout their work lives.

But why publish a site that might put people off? There are loads of reasons:

  • I don't want anyone commissioning training without having a very clear idea of what they are getting.

  • The previous website was like many other websites - it did it's best to describe something visceral through lots of words ... and the message is lost. This is personal safety training but it is not about how to secure a ladder against a wall!

  • I already have far too much work! I don't need more but I'm not finished. I just want to apply myself more efficiently.

  • There is a safe-guarding and mental well-being aspect here also. I want every commissioner and potential participant on this training to know what it is and have an opportunity to opt out.

Actually the fear is worse than the bite. I have delivered versions of "Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour" from the late 1980s to now. On average I have probably trained 60 staff each week (excepting summer, easter and the festive season) but sometimes up to 400 in a day. You can work out the numbers! Despite that, there has never been a complaint made to me about the training and over nearly 45 years I have only been aware of a handful of people who have found it distressing - obviously there could be many silent casualties.


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