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New Website for Staff Conflict Training!

Updated: Apr 15

Hi. Next year I'll be seventy years old and yet I cycle, go, to the gym and play chess (bet you didn't expect that!) and continue to cavort across a training room.. For how long, no-one knows!

I enjoy my work, meeting with different people, working in different sectors, facing different challenges and learning new things. The endless solo travelling to places I never get to see is the downside.

At the same time of "fake everything", it is all the more important for me to meet people and discover what is true. What I see in schools, prisons, hospitals, social care and communities is not what I see on the television, phone, tablet, computer or the newspapers.

On the new website I have focussed solely on the one workshop "Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour" and omitted details of the workshops on Mental Health (Troubled Minds), Suicide (Edge of Darkness), Self Harm (Razor's Edge) Psychosis (Different Worlds) and Trauma (Aftershock).

With health, housing and social care services being asked to do more and more, with less and less - is it any wonder that frontline staff take the brunt for the failure of governments? That is why providing staff conflict training must remain my over-riding focus.

Lots of love


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